AX Consultant / Instructor with requirement-specific expertise in the skill set(s) necessary to accomplish the objectives stated by the contracting entity as identified below. An operator with requirement-specific expertise in the skill sets identified below. Minimum of eight years experience in DOD, Law Enforcement, or security operations. Has either a current DOD/DOE or DOS clearance, or the ability to pass requirements for a SECRET clearance. Retired or released from active duty within the last twelve months, or has maintained their skills sets through other independent contracting opportunities.

Skill Sets May Include But Not Limited To:

  • CQB / SWAT
  • Cell Extraction
  • Force Protection
  • Prisoner Transport
  • Protective Security Detail
  • Pilot (Rotary / Fixed Wing)
  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance
  • Basic / Advanced Law Enforcement
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
  • Foreign Internal Defense Operations
  • Unconventional / Guerilla Warfare Operations
  • Counter-narcotics / Counter-terrorist Operations
  • Visit, Board, Search and Seizure Operations (VBSS)
  • Medic (Nurse, EMT, EMT+, Physician's Assistant, M.D.)

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