AMERICAN | kinetix is a global operational services support firm founded in 2002
to support the Global War On Terror (GWOT). Our people provided security for American intelligence officers, military personnel and installations, as well as corporate organizations throughout Afghanistan, and later in Iraq. AX has since expanded operations across the globe from North and Subsaharan Africa, to Europe and Asia. Our Clients have included Heads-of-State, Politicians, Journalists, CEO's, Banks, Law Firms and our job has been, and will remain, to ensure their safety, security, and comfort in an uncertain world.

MISSION To enable our Clients to operate in the global marketplace with overwhelming advantage and greater certainty.

VISION To excel at being the leading, bespoke operational services support firm across the full spectrum of Client needs.

  • Service. The Client comes first with unprecedented attention to detail.
  • Conduct. We uphold the highest ethical standards.
  • Greatness. We strive for the highest standards of legal, ethical and moral performance.

DUNS 080-692-744