Ukraine intel sharing w/UK intel info on new Russian tactics

A delegation of Ukrainian military officials, with considerable experience in studying Russia’s war tactics in Donbass and Crimea, secretly visited the United Kingdom in July for consultations. The visit was part of a series of meetings between Ukrainian and British officials. Read More...

How ISIL tested European security and intel services


The case of Muhammad Dalil serve as an object lesson, from which Europe’s counter-terrorism agencies could learn from this and other past experiences of this kind what not to do and the high importance of tightening operational intelligence and discipline in their ranks.

Russia warned Turks of coup

Russian military intelligence in the northern Syrian province of Latakia, a few miles south of the Turkish border intercepted a series of encoded radio messages exchanged between Turkish commanders in the early hours of July 15 and pass this information to Turkish intelligence. Read More...

Russian SVR HQ (old KGB) doubles in size


These additions appear to have increased the SVR headquarters’ floor space by a factor of two or more. Moreover, the nearby parking capacity at the complex appears to have quadrupled. There is no information available about what may have prompted the sudden building expansion at the SVR complex, nor whether it reflects drastic changes in the organizational structure, budget or mission of the agency.

Elicitation techniques - using the funnel.


Eliciting information from an
yone who is uncooperative is a difficult task and you have to prepare for it. Just making up a list of questions does not constitute an interview. Much like peeking an onion, interrogators should engage in a systematic uncovering of information by gradually narrowing the focus with questions that elicit more specify responses. This article will look at the funnel approach to elicitation using closed and open-ended questions.