How ISIL tested European security and intel services


The case of Muhammad Dalil serve as an object lesson, from which Europe’s counter-terrorism agencies could learn from this and other past experiences of this kind what not to do and the high importance of tightening operational intelligence and discipline in their ranks.

ISIL attacks catch Germany off guard


Germany stands out as refusing to admit to a reign of terror, partly because of the fallout generated for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy for masses of distressed refugees.

But the damage is not just political. German authorities recently admitted that while accepting a million refugees, 130,000 failed to register at the special reception centers and have dropped out of sight.

Muslim Brotherhood and Hitler?

The media says that terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood are really just poor folks oppressed, trying to gain freedom while the area’s real religious minority—the Jews—are painted as the bad guys, the oppressors. But did you know the MB founder was a Hitler fan? Read More...

Iran helping Syria?

syria iran
A relationship between Shiite-led Iran and predominantly Sunni Syria might appear unlikely, but its real - these two (apparently) opposing sects are working together. Read More...

Iran, nuclear weapons and the middle east. What's going on?

Iran’s overarching strategic goals of enhancing its security, prestige, and regional influence have led it to pursue capabilities to meet its civilian goals and give it the ability to build missile-deliverable nuclear weapons, if it chooses to do so. We do not know whether Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons, but it’s highly likely. If they do, their history says they’ll use them. Read More...

Background on al-Assad of Syria

An eye doctor runs Syria. How did he inherit that place and who is helping him? Iran? The Brotherhood? What should the US do? Read More...