Spotting Concealed Weapons

Whether you work in law enforcement, security or just want to be aware of those around you who might be armed, these basic indicators can help you spot those armed and provide tips on better ways to carry your own weapon. The way the person moves, adjusts themselves, walks, sits, reaches, or even stands can all inadvertently draw attention to the fact they - or you - are carrying.

Elicitation techniques - using the funnel.


Eliciting information from an
yone who is uncooperative is a difficult task and you have to prepare for it. Just making up a list of questions does not constitute an interview. Much like peeking an onion, interrogators should engage in a systematic uncovering of information by gradually narrowing the focus with questions that elicit more specify responses. This article will look at the funnel approach to elicitation using closed and open-ended questions.

Instructor development - debunking the myths

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What is a failure drill? Something designed to makeup for a failed tactic or technique. Why do we do this? What’s the situation? What’s the distance? Let’s debunk some common shooting myths. Read More...

Surveillance - an art.

The art of surveillance is a sophisticated one that breaks into three major pieces. The offensive portion is actually called surveillance. Let’s examine . . . Read More...