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Course: Denied Area Operations (DAO-5)
Duration: 5 Days
Cost: $1200 p/person
Description: Denied Area - an operational area where a government or occupying power is opposed to your operations and has both effective control of the territory and population in the operational area, and the capability and intent to oppose your force effectively. Today, Operators work in places as far flung as Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other hot spots around the globe. Many of these places are Denied Areas requiring special Direct Action skills to get in, get the job done and get out alive. Our DAO course will help with these skills. The course includes surveillance detection, clandestine meetings, escape / evasion, two and three-man room CQB, fighting from static and moving vehicles, AMERICAN | kinetix Combatives every morning, practical edged weapon techniques, equipment suggestions, concealing armor and other specialized equipment when traveling and much more. The course is a night and day immersion program with certified Instructors from the DOD and CIA. The course is demanding and being in good physical condition is strongly suggested.

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