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Course: Unpredictable Environment Tactics (UET-5)
Duration: 3 or 5 Days
Cost: $500 p/person or $1200 p/person
Description: The threat faced by warfighters today is a broad, unpredictable spectrum of military, paramilitary, and information operations, conducted by nations, organizations, or individuals or by indigenous or surrogate forces under their control, whose intent is hostile or unknown and unpredictable. Situations in today’s battle space can quickly go from calm to worst-cast violence in the blink of an eye. UET focuses on helping the student manage themselves and their team in unpredictable violence. Training covers carbine and pistol manipulation in structures, vehicles, roadblocks, in both daylight and darkness as students coordinate movement thru obstacles, communicate with their team and shoot effectively under stress while maintaining situational and spatial awareness.

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