“Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.” - Col. Jef Cooper, USMC

V / S. T. O. P. - Veteran School Threat Operational Procedures - is a groundbreaking, nonprofit program providing qualified, trained U.S. Military Veterans who possess special operations or military police backgrounds to schools in order to respond to violent situations on campus. The purpose is to make America's school safe again by stopping school violence rapidly and rendering medical aid immediately until first responders arrive...because seconds save lives.

V / S. T. O. P. will provide personnel and canines across the United States year round to both public and private educational institutions, from kindergartens to universities to trade schools.

V / S. T. O. P. personnel compliment and work with trained S. T. O. P. faculty on-site at the school.

Funded by donations, the service is provided at no cost to the educational institution.

V / S. T. O. P. personnel undergo rigorous background investigations, and a carefully designed training program exceeding the requirements of the Texas Peace Officer Training Academy.

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