Course: Driving / Protective Security Driving / All-Terrain (CPSD-3/ CPSD-5)
Duration: 3 or 5 Days
Cost: $500 p/person or $1200 p/person
Description: Our PSD/All-Terrain Driving Course is custom designed to meet the individual customer’s needs. Vehicle dynamics and driving techniques across a full spectrum of operations, terrain, and vehicle types are covered. Our Instructors have all driven during extreme combat and PSD conditions and under direct enemy fire, and have instructed the best to do the same. Additionally, all are graduates from several types of professional driving schools from straight line racing, protection/evasion, rally, and off-road/all-terrain. All-Terrain/PSD Driving is a critical mission that can determine the success or failure of an operation, and life or death of a team. Topics will include Vehicle Control, Throttle Use, Brake Pedal Use, Vehicle Placement, Brake/Throttle Modulation, Driver, TC and other duties, Crew Count, Night Driving, Pros and Cons of IR/Thermal Goggles, Maximizing NVGs (NODs), Overt and IR Light Driving, Vehicle Prep for NVG Ops, Principles of Recovery, Recovery Techniques, Winch Techniques, and Achieving Mechanical Advantage. It is imperative to understand and apply these and other precision driving skills on the battlefield or during any Law Enforcement Operation.

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